Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th - marathon withdrawel sets in

so i am 2 weeks removed from disney and 26 days out from myrtle beach. to big of a gap between marathons. yet i am getting some solid training in so that is one good thing. last week i finished with 94.15 miles on 6 days. very pleased with my week. started off with a strong 18 miler where i finished the last 4 miles at a very good pace. the trend continued the next day when i turned in another solid 15 miler. thrsday i made sure to take it easy and ran 12. friday was somewhat of a disaster as i tried the dreadmill again. did 10.18 outside and 3.43 on dreadmill. should have stayed outide. saturday morning i pumped out a solid 20 miler which involved some good hills,. each 5 mile segment got faster so that made me happy. sunday i did a double: a wake me up 5 miler in the morning and a fantastic 10.41 miler at night. even got the last 2 miles down to 7.49 and 7.05.  this week will be a push to reach 107 miles for the week. i have a chance to turn in another 400 mile month. hitting the 400 will be key to my mentality only that it strengthens my base and confidence in  my upcoming marathons. it was refreshing that miles 93 and 94 of last week felt so relaxed and that i wasnt really pushing hard. good feeling when 94 miles doesnt make you feel exhausted or wiped out.
beginning to formulate my strategy for the next 5 marathons and still cant come up with one. one might be run myrtle beach, balto/annapolis/virginia beach pretty hard and use hyannis and lower potomac as long training runs. i still intend to keep my mileage above 80mpw during this stretch. i want to continue to train my body to run when tired. but part of it will also be an on course decision as what happens. i will see how my legs feel in the first 6 miles and go from there. the main objective is to get to hopkinton on april 18th feeling ready to give my PR a run for its money and to do that i need to have some solid marathons during this 5 weekend stretch. though time will not be the sole deciding factor but how i feel 30 minutes afterwards. i want to feel like i could still run several miles afterwards. the idea is not to drain the tank during the 5. boston is where i will drain to tank and finish with nothing left but a new PR. oh and 7 days till i register for Chicago. january is off to a great start!

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  1. Your training amazes me. Keep up the good work.