Monday, January 3, 2011

january 3rd

so i am going to attemt to blog about my journey this year as i run 20 marathons and run 4000 miles. in 2010 i ran 4072.87 miles and ran 13 marathons. i Pr'd in Boston with a 3:02:37. 8 marathons were ran 3:13 or faster. i have run 21 marathons all together. hopefully those who read this will be inspired to run more or push themselves to reacg goals they never thought possible. i do not believe i am any different from anyone else, just want to share my love and passion for marathons to those who will listen/read. As Joan Benoit Samuelson said: " Running is 20% physical and 80% mental." very true. i will try to not only give narratives of each marathon but also on how training is going, the ups and downs. noone masters the marathon so it is always an ongoing learning experience. i hope those of you who read this enjoy it and maybe even get something out of it. share your own experiences and comment on mine.

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