Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th - redemption!

Marathon #24 turned out to be exacty what I needed in many ways. After a disappointing marathon in Myrtle beach and outside events, my mojo and confidence seemed to be rattled. Hyannis was crucial in turning the ship around. A friend wanted to run a 3:15 so we went out at that pace which felt relaxed. 1st half we were pretty much on pace and I seemed to be in a groove. It was a two loop course so we started out for the second time, this time we were alone for the most part. At 17.5 my friend fell off pace and as agreed prior to race I kept going. I was a little tired but pressed on. Splits for the last 10 miles were: 7:18/7:12/7:14/ 7:06/7:12/7:07/7:09/7:07/7:10/7:15. Overall I finished 27th out of 357 runners with a time of 3:13:35! I am very satisfied with this. The fact that I was able to stick and hit my pre-race time goal was very good. But what I am most thrilled about is I have seemed to find my groove after 2 weeks of trying circumstances. I have been reading the book 'the long run' about NYFD firefighter matt long who was run over a bus and nearly killed. Given a 5% chance to live, he survived and after a grueling 3 years came back and ran the new York city marathon ( he BQ'd 1 month prior to his accident) reading this on the plane put things in perspective: losing a job is serious and stressful but I was not close to death. Matt is living proof of how resilient the human spirit can be! I have nothing to complain about. Yes there is stress about not having a job but I will rebound and I am determined to turn this into a positive! No excuses! It's just an obstacle that I will overcome! Eye of the tiger!

Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25th - marathon #24

So I haven't been to happy with my runs over the past 10 days. There have Been some bright spots a 10 miler last Wednesday and a 15 miler this past Tuesday but the other runs have felt flat and uninspiring. I recovered fairly well from Myrtle beach and feel no residual effects. I am looking forward to Hyannis on Sunday. This time I am pacing a friend who's goal is to run 3:15 or better. Hopefully I can get him to that goal and not feel like I have exhausted my tank. Next week at B&A I have a faster time goal in mind. Also helping a friend to a PR hopefully. All of this is pointed to giving me some good training runs and some hard races to better prepare me for Boston. For some it seems like an awlful lot but this is exactly what makes me tick. It's the challenge and my body responds better with high mileage. That is the beauty of running, no training plan is right for everyone and there are no right or wrong training techniques. My biggest issue over the past 10 days has simply trying to deal with the outside world and not let it affect my training. It has been difficult but I do think slowly it's getting better. Looking forward to getting out on the course Sunday and just finding my stride and rolling! Need to find my mojo. As survivor sings in Rocky 3 - "it's the eye of the tiger"!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20th - rough waters

So the last two weeks culminated in a somewhat disappointing marathon in Myrtle beach. What i had hoped to be a run at my current PR turned out to be a slow march to the finish. Things started out good though legs seemed out of sync. Hit 5 miles in 34:29 then hit the next 5 in 34:28. 10 miles @ 68:57. I then found a groove and hit the next 5 in 34:06. Held court over next 3.5 miles then the wheels started to fall off. Mentally couldn't stay focused. Unfortunately the week started off horribly as I was unexpectedly fired from my job that I strongly feel was unwarranted. I have been distracted the whole week. My runs Wednesday thru Friday were lackluster at best. I really pride myself on being very mentally strong and focused yet this has rattled my cages. As for the future I really have no clue nor a plan. I have one week to get out of this because I head to Hyannis to pace a friend to a 3:15. Short term memory as one would say. Running is usually my therapy but even now I feel the stress is to much and seems to burden my runs. Maybe as the days go by it will become easier to cope. Boston is in 57 days!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th! - 13 days till myrtle beach!

this was a good week overall. finished with 80.73 miles for the week. though the runs were up and down. biggest fustration is that all my running routes are ruined due to snow and ice. tuesday run was a solid run up in deleware. 11.02 miles. ran 1st 7 miles at a comfortable pace then for the last 4 miles i kicked the pace up! splits were: 7.34, 7.01, 6.28, 6.37. overall pace was 7.51. wednesday run was a nice recovery 10 miler. thursday i had a nice surprise another kick ass 13.18 mile run at night. took the 1st 6 miles out at 8.21 pace then found a groove and kicked last 7 miles at 7.27 pace. splits: 7.59, 8.00, 7.41, 7.38, 7.28, 7.02, 6.31.  followed that with a good 16 mile recovery run @8.21 pace. saturday was simply fustrating, only managed 4.18 miles due to tired of running in circles in neighborhood. sunday was a whole different story. met up with my friends dave and zach and we tore up loch raven damm for 26.2 mile training run. nice pace 3.49.10 @ 8.44 pace. best part was each 5 mile segment was faster than prior 5. today was an awesome reminder on how great it is to be a runner.
13 days out from MB and i am chomping at the bit to get out there and get a  sense of how my training is progressing. 71 days till boston.starting to think strategy and up my training. my juices are beginning to really flow as i get into the heart of my marathon schedule. stay focused and train smart. no excuses. HTFU! no risk, no reward. my reward will hopefully running down Boylston street headed towards a new marathon PR! this week my goal is to hit around 85 mpw.