Thursday, January 6, 2011

january 6th / the goofy challenge

today at 3pm i will leave work, jump into my car and make the 15 hr drive to disneyworld! this weekend is stop #1: the goofy challenge! i have known about this for years and never thought i woul get the chance to run it. several friends from my running group have done it so i have heard their accounts. one thing about me is don't tell i cant do something because that just makes me want to do it. the crazier the better.yes i want to run back to back marathons, want to run pikes peak marathon, the 7.7 mile run up mt washington and would even consider running the 'quadzilla' (4 marathons/4 days) i love the challenge. the only bariers are the ones we set up ourselves. no one thought the 4 minute mile would be done but May 6, 1954 changed that. i could go citing evidence that alot of things were never thought possible and were accomplished! so this is a year in the making. i signed up for goofy last january and had to wait a whole year for this. i really cannot think of a better way to kick off the 2011 season. one thing you all should know, i will not divulge in time goals. i will not be stressed about an arbitrary number, running is much more than that. i will stick to my philosophy that i run hard and give it my best. yes, there will be marathons where i will be pacing people, others will be training marathons with a certain purpose and how i run it. Prefontaine stated one time: "some people run races to see who is the fastest, i run to see who has the most guts" i firmly believe that and that is my mantra the last 10 miles of a marathon. saturday i have the pleasure of pacing a friend in the half to hopefully his PR.  then sunday will be all out and see what is left in the tank. a good sign is that my legs have been lackluster the past 3 runs. anytime i have run a good race my legs have never felt good during that weeks run. prime example was boston 2010. the 4 runs prior to boston felt like crap yet i PR'd. cleveland was the same along with akron and kiawah. so i am not concerned. i know i have trained more thasn enough as i have reguarly done back to back long runs including back to back 20's. the key for me is to stick to my strength: go out conservative and turn it on the 2nd half. putting the hammer down in the latter stages of a race is my strong point and i attribute this to running my 80+ mile weeks along with 100+ weeks. my father told me this week that he is convinced that i am happiest when i am out running, he is absolutely right. when i am running i am at peace. so this weekend is going to be a blast. not only is it disneyworld but i get to race 39.3 miles and be in my element! 

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  1. I'm really psyched to see how marathon #1 in your 20 marathon in 2011 quest goes for you this weekend.

    It sounds like you've got your head in the right place in terms of running without time goals and just loving what you do. Though I know that even without time goals that you're going to give it 100%.