Monday, January 3, 2011

january 3rd (part 2)

here is my current marathon schedule:

January 8/9th: goofy challenge,  February 19th: Myrtle Beach marathon,  February 27th: Hyannis marathon,

March 6th: Baltimore/Annapolis marathon,  March 13th: Lower Potomac marathon,  March 20th : Virginia Beach marathon

April 18th: Boston marathon, May 1st: Gettysburg north/south marathon,  May 15th: Cleveland marathon,

June 11th: Hatfield-Mccoy marathon,  July 10th: Missuola marathon,  August 13th: E.T. marathon, 

September 3rd: Pecatello marathon,  September 17th: Air Force marathon,  October 9th: Chicago marathon,

October 15th: Baltimore marathon,  October 30th: Marine Corps marathon,  November 12th: Richmond marathon,

November 20th: Philadelphia marathon,  December 4th: Las Vegas marathon.

so that is my schedule. i am looking forward to the challenge set forth. i do not run to lose weight. i do not run so i can eat whatever i want. why do i run? i run because i want to challenge my body and push the limits of the human body. for me running is a way of life. i run because i absolutely love it. its the passion that drives me to run these marathons. there is a feeling i get while running the marathons that is not matched anywhere else. and this weekend the journey starts in disney with the goofy challenge. let the fun begin!

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