Monday, June 13, 2011

115 days and its over!

saturday june 11th i ran my 32nd marathon: hatfield - mccoy marathon. in some ways it was a success and others a small failure. for those who dont know i have been unemployed over the past 115 days making it a real stressful time for me. i know that their are millions others out there still unemployed and my heart goes out to them. i am used to working. with the stress and fustration, my training was inconsistent and combined with the heat the quality wasnt always there. during that period i managed to run 10 marathons with varying degrees of success. good news came on friday as i headed down to kentucky, i recieved a job offer that i readily accepted. relief was an understatement. so saturday i simply ran for fun. it was a tough course, hot and humid, the 3 H's as i say. i was reminded that running is to be fun and enjoyable. if it isnt then why do it.. we all have stress from outside and unfortunately i let that stress affect my running. running is suppose to relieve my stress not add to it. so for the next 18 days i am going to simply run for fun. no speed, intervals or hill workouts, just easy runs for fun.i will let the legs dictate the pace and distance. if they feel good i will let them go but if not just enjoy being out there. my next marathon  is sept 17th. setting no goals, just going to run  the question is why do we run? i run for fun and the enjoyment. i also like to challenge my body