Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bump in the road

My quest for 4000 miles and 40 marathons has come to an end. Over the past 4 months I have noticed a steady decline in performance and every day activities are now an issue. I am experiencing general fatigue in all aspects of daily life. No answers yet though a lot of people want to guess. Tests still need to be done but until then I will not run a marathon. Right now I barely can run 4 miles without feeling exhausted. For someone who loves to run, this is very depressing and fustrating. Especially watching friends run marathons as j sit on the sidelines waiting for answers. Hopefully in time I can return to my normal training regimen. Until then it's one day at a time. This is definitely a tough time but more importantly I need to take care of my health so that I can run for the rest of my life. Thanks to my RWOL friends who have been a tremendous help in supporting me and understanding the pain I'm going through. Hopefully 2012 will see the return of this marathon maniac!