Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th - post goofy and the road ahead.

so i am one week removed from the first marathon of 2011. for the most part it was a solid week: 78:85 miles on 6 days. little fustrated at the beginning of the week because instead of getting home on monday, i was delayed by weather and got home tuesday in time for work. I only got 6 miles in that day which is not my normal run. so be it. managed to get in 15 the next day outside. 18 the following day followed by 15, 11.16 and 13.17 miles to round out the week. today is my SRD which is normal for a monday. its time to look forward. february 19th is myrtle beach. a friend wants me to run it with him and help him hit 3.35. this is one of my thrills is being able to help others reach their goals. in the past i have helped pace 3 friends to 2 BQ's and a PR. this year i again have several marathons where i will be pacing friends. i do not believe you have to run a PR every time out to be satisfied. running is more than just time. i have been given a gift to run and to share that and use that gift to help others is just as exciting and satisfying as running a PR. the following week on 2/27 i will be heading up to hyannis for that marathon. the following week i will run the baltimore-annapolis trail marathon. on 3/13 i run the lower potomac river marathon, then i run the shamrock marathon on 3/20 along with the 8k the day before. so that is what lies ahead. so over the next 4 weeks i plan on training and building the base to prepare for this. i do have a plan and basically everything now is to point towards the Boston marathon. Boston marathon for me is the pinnacle event of the year. my goal is to put myself in the best position to run a new PR this year whatever that be. this week i hope to put in over 90 miles and if things cooperate maybe my first 100 mile week of the year. if you do not do the training then dont expect to run well. so though the weather might not be great, i still get out there and get it done. now is the time to stay focused on the goal and focus on getting the most out of each run each day. let's run!!

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