Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th! - 13 days till myrtle beach!

this was a good week overall. finished with 80.73 miles for the week. though the runs were up and down. biggest fustration is that all my running routes are ruined due to snow and ice. tuesday run was a solid run up in deleware. 11.02 miles. ran 1st 7 miles at a comfortable pace then for the last 4 miles i kicked the pace up! splits were: 7.34, 7.01, 6.28, 6.37. overall pace was 7.51. wednesday run was a nice recovery 10 miler. thursday i had a nice surprise another kick ass 13.18 mile run at night. took the 1st 6 miles out at 8.21 pace then found a groove and kicked last 7 miles at 7.27 pace. splits: 7.59, 8.00, 7.41, 7.38, 7.28, 7.02, 6.31.  followed that with a good 16 mile recovery run @8.21 pace. saturday was simply fustrating, only managed 4.18 miles due to tired of running in circles in neighborhood. sunday was a whole different story. met up with my friends dave and zach and we tore up loch raven damm for 26.2 mile training run. nice pace 3.49.10 @ 8.44 pace. best part was each 5 mile segment was faster than prior 5. today was an awesome reminder on how great it is to be a runner.
13 days out from MB and i am chomping at the bit to get out there and get a  sense of how my training is progressing. 71 days till boston.starting to think strategy and up my training. my juices are beginning to really flow as i get into the heart of my marathon schedule. stay focused and train smart. no excuses. HTFU! no risk, no reward. my reward will hopefully running down Boylston street headed towards a new marathon PR! this week my goal is to hit around 85 mpw.

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