Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20th - rough waters

So the last two weeks culminated in a somewhat disappointing marathon in Myrtle beach. What i had hoped to be a run at my current PR turned out to be a slow march to the finish. Things started out good though legs seemed out of sync. Hit 5 miles in 34:29 then hit the next 5 in 34:28. 10 miles @ 68:57. I then found a groove and hit the next 5 in 34:06. Held court over next 3.5 miles then the wheels started to fall off. Mentally couldn't stay focused. Unfortunately the week started off horribly as I was unexpectedly fired from my job that I strongly feel was unwarranted. I have been distracted the whole week. My runs Wednesday thru Friday were lackluster at best. I really pride myself on being very mentally strong and focused yet this has rattled my cages. As for the future I really have no clue nor a plan. I have one week to get out of this because I head to Hyannis to pace a friend to a 3:15. Short term memory as one would say. Running is usually my therapy but even now I feel the stress is to much and seems to burden my runs. Maybe as the days go by it will become easier to cope. Boston is in 57 days!

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