Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25th - marathon #24

So I haven't been to happy with my runs over the past 10 days. There have Been some bright spots a 10 miler last Wednesday and a 15 miler this past Tuesday but the other runs have felt flat and uninspiring. I recovered fairly well from Myrtle beach and feel no residual effects. I am looking forward to Hyannis on Sunday. This time I am pacing a friend who's goal is to run 3:15 or better. Hopefully I can get him to that goal and not feel like I have exhausted my tank. Next week at B&A I have a faster time goal in mind. Also helping a friend to a PR hopefully. All of this is pointed to giving me some good training runs and some hard races to better prepare me for Boston. For some it seems like an awlful lot but this is exactly what makes me tick. It's the challenge and my body responds better with high mileage. That is the beauty of running, no training plan is right for everyone and there are no right or wrong training techniques. My biggest issue over the past 10 days has simply trying to deal with the outside world and not let it affect my training. It has been difficult but I do think slowly it's getting better. Looking forward to getting out on the course Sunday and just finding my stride and rolling! Need to find my mojo. As survivor sings in Rocky 3 - "it's the eye of the tiger"!

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