Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27th - the completion of 6 marathons in 6 weeks!

Ocean drive marathon capped off my 6th marathon in 6 weeks! Coming into today I had low expectations, I had logged 80 miles the previous 5 days with runs of 26.2 and 22 miles on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Throw in solid 15 and 12 milers my legs were just a tad tired as I planned. Plus I was on my 3rd consecutive week of 100+ miles. So I went out the 1st half relatively conservative and hit 1:40 for the half. Not feeling great I simply focused on maintaining pace. Yet somehow I fell into a groove at mile 15 on. Around
mile 22 I passed this guy but instead of putting distance between us, he stayed right on my shoulder. Without knowing we began to push the pace and all of a sudden my competitiveness took over. Then at mile 25 I surged and that was enough to put some distance between us. I pushed the pace to the finish crossing the line in 3:15! 2nd split: 1:35! The last 11 miles in 77:26/@7:02 pace. The last 6 miles in 41:46/@6:57 pace and the last 4 miles in 27:13/@6:48 pace! The splits of those last 4 miles were: 7:07/7:02/6:38/6:26. I finished the week with 107.40 miles. With 4 days remaining I have 404 for the month. I will set a new mileage record for most miles in a month. More importantly I am feeling stronger than I have ever felt. I running and having fun. In 22 days I will see how this all pays off. I am feeling confident and I know I will be toeing the line on April 18th in much better condition than I did in 2010. It's time to stay focused and not loose my edge. Still plenty of time to fine tune some things over the next several weeks. this is not the time to all of a sudden become complacent, keep pushing the envelope! Eye of the tiger!


  1. Read your comment at runners world. You're doing amazing things with all those marathons AND getting great times.

    I'm running Boston for the 1st time this year. It will only be my 2nd marathon and I'm a basket case. I keep telling myself not to have any time goals, just enjoy and take it all in. But I can't help setting goals. I'm not nearly as fast as you and prob. a lot older but still... any tips for Boston? Everyone is freaking me out about those darned down hills and Newton Hills.

  2. Joanne - congrats on your first Boston. Honestly the hills are not that bad. But if you go out way to fast they will hurt. The first 16 are flat and downhill so try to stay in control. It is best to to go out and be a little conservative. Once you get to 21 it is flat and downhill to the finish. Run smart and you will be fine! Best of luck to you.

  3. Thanks :) Good luck to you as well.