Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21 - 4 weeks to Boston!

Last week I seemed to continue a strong march towards Boston. I followed my first 100 mile week with another 100 mile week: 104.74 to be exact. My runs were 21, 10, 24.12, 8, 11, 26.53. And as usual I raced this past weekend. On Saturday I raced an 8k. 31:39,6:17 pace in which I hit the closing mile in 5:47. Felt really good and could have gone faster but that wasn't my plan. On Sunday I ran the shamrock marathon pacing a friend to a new 3 minute PR of 3:35:30! That was so much fun being able to help a fellow runner. I really get the same and if not more satisfaction helping runners reach their goals as I do setting a PR of my own. Running is so more than just a time. This week will see another 100+ mile effort with again another marathon . I will be running the ocean drive marathon in new jersey! I am thinking that I will take the first half easy (1:41-1:43) then see what is left in the tank for the 2nd half. This is all part of my strategy for giving the endurance and strength to let it all out in Boston. Right now I feel that I am in better shape and thT my training is much better than last year for Boston, so that is encouraging. On a side note my one friend and I have decided to take on the challenge of back to back marathons: Richmond on 11/12 and outer banks on 11/13! Very excited to take on this challenge! 4 weeks to go to the holy Grail! Eye of the tiger!

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